Just Us Kids Pediatrics

COVID-19 Policies & Safety Information

In and effort to keep all our families safe during this uncertain time, we have implemented several new policies in our office.

  • Three separate entrances. Three separate waiting areas. (see below)
  • Masks required for 3 years and older while in the office.
  • Exam rooms separated based on well or sick.
  • Medical grade air purifiers in each exam room.
  • Rooms and surfaces disinfected routinely during the day.
  • Overnight disinfecting by our cleaning crew.
  • Providers scheduled in time blocks to separate healthy kids from sick kids to keep your family healthy.

 Entrance & Waiting Area Who?
New Baby Entrance and Waiting
0 - 2 Month Babies and parents 
Sick Entrance and Waiting All kids with sick symptoms  and parents
Well Entrance and Waiting All non-sick kiddos and parents 

Depending on the severity of the sick symptoms we also utilize your car as the waiting room.


We are excited to announce that we now have Rapid and PCR testing options at Just Us Kids. You may make an appointment for evaluation of your child if he/she has any sick symptoms. We are currently not offering testing only for exposure if your child has no symptoms. If your child has been sent home from school due to exposure, be patient and watch for symptoms. We recommend all children be on Vit C, Vit D3, Zinc and Elderberry to boost the immune system. There are several children's combination gummy supplements containing a combination of these. Your local pharmacist can help with dosing questions.

If your child develops mild symptoms and is stable, wait 48h to be seen and tested for most accurate results. If you are unsure whether to be seen, call our office for advice!

Medicine and Vitamins Advice

Here are a vitamin recommendations and dosing in response to several requests for this information.

2-4 year olds=" Take" 1, 

5yr and older=" Take" 2 gummies daily of

One of these brands:

Flintstones Gummies Plus Immunity

Olly Kids Immunity

Zarabee's Childrens Complete

For teens, I recommend Zarabees Elderberry Immune Support - follow dosing recommendations on the bottle.