Just Us Kids Pediatrics

​Same Day Sick Visits

We provide an ample amount of slots in our schedule to accommodate sick visits. During flu season, we open our schedule up for more sick visits. If by chance you are unable to obtain a same day appointment or unsure if you really need to come in, our highly trained Phone Nurses will assess your child's chief medical complaint and offer assistance in the most appropriate course of action which, in some cases, may be to go directly to the emergency room. Our phone lines open at 8:30 a.m.

​Well-Child Checkups

If your child is 24 months or younger, they are most likely already on a set checkup schedule. After 3 years of age, your child should have a yearly check-up. Well-child checkups focus on health and developmental issues. These checkups are also our best opportunity to vaccinate your child against common "childhood illnesses". If you would like to schedule a check-up, call the office at: 770-683-5437. If you child is playing sports you can get a completed sports form for free with your well-check. If the form is not completed at the time of your well visit, you may have to wait 3-4 days for your physician to complete the form.

If you would like to see our check-up schedule, you can view it here:Well Child Check Up Schedule

​​​Sports Physicals

Most schools require some sort of a physician's certification in order for your child to participate in a school-sponsored athletic program. Your child's sports physical will be conducted quickly and efficiently in an environment which is suitable to his or her needs. If your child has had a recent physical at Just Us Kids Pediatrics, an additional exam may not be necessary. The sports physical at an outside facility does not encompass the same criteria as an annual physical. We can complete your sports form if your child has a physical in our office within the year. Have your sports form ready during your annual well-check - otherwise, you may have to wait 3-4 days for your doctor to complete it.

Please print & bring a copy of the form with you to the appointment. 



Vaccines have contributed to a significant reduction in many life threatening childhood diseases. We strongly believe in the importance of vaccines. We believe it is important to adhere to an immunization schedule. If you feel differently and do not wish to immunize your child according to the schedule, we will not be able to be your child's pediatrician.

To help ease your child's fears while getting the immunizations, we have a Buzzy device in office.

To view the well-child & immunization schedule, click here: Well Child Check Up Schedule

​Hearing / Vision

We do hearing & vision screening at the 4 year checkup.

The form 3300 will be filled out, so your child will be able to enroll in school.

​Asthma Education

An asthma attack is triggered by something that irritates the airways. Each child has a different “trigger”. It is important to learn what triggers your child’s asthma. Avoiding these triggers may help prevent an asthma attack. Common triggers include: smoke, upper respiratory infections, exercise, strong odors, allergens (dust, pollen), and weather changes.

Preventative care is the best when treating children with asthma. If your child has wheezing in the spring and fall – schedule a visit BEFORE the season arrives.There is no cure for asthma. But, asthma can be treated.

If you think your child has asthma or would like to discuss your child’s asthma treatment plan, please schedule an appointment with us at 770-683-5437.

​Ear Piercing

We offer this service to our established patients. It is a completely sterile and safe procedure. We use hypoallergenic medical grade earrings so you do not have to worry about allergic reactions. The procedure is quick and easy, with minimal discomfort. We've put this in place to offer the best possible ear piercing service.

Our baby ear piercing service which is performed by our providers is safe and sterile and will give your little ones minimal discomfort with no allergic reactions.

Piercings are performed once a child has received their first set of immunizations.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What age can I get my child's ears pierced?
    We will not pierce a child's ears until after 2 months old, after the first set of immunizations.
  2. Do you use a piercing gun?
    No, it is not a piercing gun. Our instrument is a medical grade piercer. EVERY part of the instrument that comes in contact with the ears is disposable. The earrings are packaged singly and are completely encapsulated so there is no cross contamination whatsoever.
  3. How long do we have to keep the earrings in before we can change them?
    6 weeks. This is how long it will take an ear lobe piercing to heal. You should wear earrings in your newly pierced ears for the first year as this will prevent the diameter of the hole from shrinking.
  4. What is the cost of this service?
    We charge $40 for ear piercing.
  5. Can I bring my own earrings?
    No, we only pierce with those loaded in the piercer. We offer a gold stud & silver stud earrings.